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  1. Kent Harrop says:

    Thanks so much for this article. I think there is a lot that the Christian church needs to be held accountable on. I think of Joel Osteen who pastors the largest Protestant church in the USA and who preaches ‘prosperity gospel’, the teaching that if you believe in Jesus you will be ‘blessed’ with good health and material riches. This is the huge disconnect that you mention. There are of course other mega churches that do good work in their community. I think of a 2000 plus Nazarene church in a town I used to live, who did good work with the local recovery community and built homes in developing countries. Most churches however are much smaller, some do very good work in their local communities (providing housing, visiting the sick, going to prisons, advocating for the voiceless) and others that are self serving. In short we Christians are a mixed bag and reflective of the human condition.

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