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Joe Broadmeadow retired with the rank of Captain from the East Providence Police Department after serving for 20 years. He is the author of four novels Collision Course, Silenced Justice, Saving the Last Dragon, and A Change of Hate available on Amazon in print and Kindle. Joe is working on the latest in a series of Josh Williams and Harrison "Hawk" Bennett novels and a sequel to Saving the Last Dragon. In 2014 Joe completed a 2,185 mile thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail

The Spirit of Christmas: Joe’s Perspective

In our world of inflexibility and absolutes. Where many believe their ideas are superior to all others and refuse to look at things from different perspectives, we still have the Spirit of Christmas. Yet even this is under attack, but … Continue reading

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Prayer: Fact or Folly?

Prayer: Fact or Folly? There is an almost infinite number of writings, texts (in the old-school sense), books, and essays related to the power of prayer. Some of the world’s most learned theologians have written brilliant pieces on the subject. … Continue reading

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Character, Citizenship, and Leadership: Joe’s Perspective

Kent and I chose to do a two-part posting on character. In this second part, we discuss how character matters in our roles as citizens and in our elected leaders. The timing could not be better, or more desperate, depending … Continue reading

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Under Penalty of Death: Joe’s Perspective

Killing our Way to Prevention Dylan Roof, the killer of nine innocent people, received the death sentence after trial. If his case remains consistent with the national average, barring his conviction being overturned or his dying under other circumstances, he … Continue reading

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In Praise of Character: Joe’s Perspective

Being a Character of Character A child starts as a blank piece of paper. Things are written and erased, rewritten, crossed out, and written again. Myths and legends, once believed as factual, are revised and sent to the basement of … Continue reading

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Words to Actions

The Heretic and the Holy man will be on a temporary delay while Kent Harrop (the Holy one) puts his words into actions in Nicaragua. By bringing clean water to people in need, Kent and others are doing good things … Continue reading

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What Gives Life Meaning: Is there a Cosmic Power in the Universe? Joe’s Perspective

21-3 at halftime. 28-6 in the third quarter. The game, in the mind of most, is over. Then, the unimaginable happens. The Patriots do what no other team has ever done in the Super bowl. Patriots win! Watching the game, one … Continue reading

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