What’s It All About…?

The idea for this blog arose from series of emails, blog comments, and conversations between Kent Harrop and I. We are both members of Cumberland High School Class of 1974. Since then, as you will see from our brief biographies, we have travelled different roads.

For twenty years, 1994 – 2014, Kent served as pastor of First Baptist Church McMinnville, Oregon. In May 2014, he moved with his wife Tricia back to New England and serves on a team of ministers at the First Baptist Church in Beverly, Massachusetts. He loves the beauty and geographic breadth of Oregon and the north shore of Massachusetts. He seeks the integration of the contemplative and prophetic life. Tricia and he enjoy gardening, camping and kayaking on rivers and ocean. They have two grown daughters who are strong, smart and adventurous.

Kent is the Holy Man, just in case you were unclear. He also posts on his personal blog, www.greenpreacher.wordpress.com.

In the role of the Heretic, by the process of elimination, we have Joe Broadmeadow.

Joe was a Police officer for 2o years and, after several other career pursuits, now fancies himself a novelist, blogger, and philosopher with an atheistic flavor. He enjoys provoking and stimulating Kent into deep, philosophical, and mostly unfathomable discussions about, to borrow a line from the amazing (if dead) writer Douglas Adams, Life, the Universe, and Everything.

Joe posts on his personal blog, www.joebroadmeadowblog.wordpress.com. His Amazon author page for his books can be found by here

If this writing adventure were ever to turn a profit, Kent would undoubtedly fund a myriad of socially beneficial projects throughout the world.

Joe would buy Vodka, lottery tickets, and increase his length of stay in Aruba avoiding more and more of the New England winter he has come to loathe.

The differences between us could not be more apparent.

Yet, somehow, the divergent roads have intersected once again. Kent might call it divine intervention; I would say just the randomness of the universe.

Whether force or randomness was involved, we find ourselves some 40 years later reconnected through our similar, though often divergent, search for answers to life’s many questions.

In what will either turn out to be a fun, informative, provocative, and inspiring series, or an exercise in misplaced hubris, we thought we would share an occasional exploration of life’s mysteries from our different perspectives with you, dear reader.

We hope you will be inspired to comment, contribute to the topics we explore, suggest ideas, and, most importantly, think. Please do so responsibly.



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